Thursday, August 30, 2007

Restore, Refurbish and Replicate or How to make a client happy.

Here it is. One of those small projects that has a way of taking over the studio from time to time.

By itself, it's not much to look at... but what it represents to the client is a relationship with her family and memories of good times...How do you put a price on that?

So... poor little TV Tray.... needs a sister, and, those of you who know me know how ME this is... it presents a technical challenge as well.

First, it is a hobby project done in the mid to late 70's by my client's MIL. She was apparently a crafty woman who was pretty handy with a brush and a hobby kit. I think this was a kind of kit project that may have been sold back then. She would have probably received the three colors of paint and a sponge to apply it, a thick epoxy sealer and some mother of pearl chips to suspend in the finish.

Unfortunately the companies that put together these kits go in and out of production
of them in a season, so I don't think I'm going to have much luck finding the same kit any time soon... and there is only so much time any of us can afford to spend on such a humble little creative options! That's what I'm going to have to have to get a new raw wooden tray to look like the original. Here is a picture, closeup of the details on top. Finding Mother of Pearl chips should be interesting. In fact, I've found them, but there is no way to purchase them when the minimum for the site is a $300 purchase.... my little tv tray's sister is going to have to figure out another way to get glamorous.


Lanes End Decorative Arts said...

Pat, I love that TV Tray! It is sooo cool! patty_artist

NA said...

I am wanting to do a Mica finish on a table, are you able to help me? alternatively do you know of any contact that will give a similar effect?

StrongDecorativePaint said...

Hi Helen.. Mica is available in several different formats. You can even buy mother of pear flakes from some specialty suppliers.

In this case, I couldn't find the exact flake color or size that would imitate the existing table tray, so I painted bits of heavy paper with iridescent paints, and then varnished them with varnish tinted with a bit of wood stain to yellow it. I then tore the paper into irregular bits and then embedded them in the pour on bar varnish.

I've done many table tops with some form of metallic or mica or interference or iridescent pigments... and dome with a bit of all... Tell me more about your project and maybe I can steer you towards a good product or technique.

StrongDecorativePaint said...

LOL That is "mother of PearL" not mother or pear!!!