Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First order of Business is Business!

Since I may have a class this month, I think I'll start with a bit about that.

There will be some examples of glaze finishes that I actually teach at the Austin School of Faux Finishing ( Since Glazes 1 is next on the agenda starting on the 16th of this month, I'll post some of the pictures of work done in class.

Glazes 1 is $500 for two solid days of instruction...... I like to concentrate on technique, and product knowledge. Students will have either 10 or 11 completed samples with printed recipes, so those of you who like to follow strict guidelines, will have it all printed out for them. But technique is something you need to learn hands on. With the proper technique and choosing the proper glazing products, you can do any glaze finish and even come up with new designs yourself. Creativity is what these new products will foster... and I want you to feel comfortable experimenting and developing your own unique style. In real life I work with the glazes we will use... I like Polyvine Tropical Scumble for most regular work... and Addicolor's Glacis for it's particular qualities. Wet Edge by Addicolor will also be covered in class and I love it.

I also cover a lot of information I wish someone would have told ME when I started this business years ago. Basic safety information, basic preparation, how to work on construction sites with professional courtesy..... these tidbits will help you survive on job sites.

One of my BIG concerns is safety. Do YOU know what an MSDS sheet is? Do you know it's limitations and uses? Do you know when you legally have to have them on file in your shop? I say in class and I'll say here, WATER BASED DOES NOT MEAN NON TOXIC. As an industry, we are getting 'Greener' and 'Greener'... but we're not all the way there yet. Even simple products that in themselves are not toxic can be harmful in other ways.... so, in class we discuss how to keep you and your assistants safe according to the best information available today.

So... big infomercial over.... except one thing... I'm offering a small incentive to use this blog and take classes. Make a comment on this blog and mention it for a discount on the class. It must be YOUR post....LOL.... I just want to see if people can find me, and can make the connection to the school.



bonnie said...

Great to see the new blog Pat.
I'll be looking forward to new class offerings too.
Good luck

SharonM said...

Hi Pat,
I love your work and I am interested in taking a class. Are you still offering the incentive?

Sharon M.