Monday, August 20, 2007

New Work

Here is another example of Shimmerstone at work. I love this stuff. It has all the glam and glimmer of a metallic, but it's not 'shiny' or plastic looking. Its just a subtle, warm glow on the walls.

Did I say I love this stuff?

Five rounds around the room to develop this finish..!! But, it's worth it. Look at the close up.

Its smooth to the touch, and silky feeling. Every nuance of the surface is just luscious.

We chose this color based on the warmer tones in the pebble mosaic in the Shower surround. The original was a rather dull beige.... and worked.... but THIS just pops the room!

Just 'cause I can... here are some more shots of the room. I suggested the ceiling color. Leaving that ceiling white would have just left the room flat. Painting the ceiling a deep chocolate brown add just the right touch of drama


Ellen Leigh said...

Gorgeous, Pat! and welcome to blogger- nice work on the blog, have fuen with it. If you want to track who has visited you can sign up with Mybloglog (the free version works fine for me)and track clicks on the blog and your web site, too.

StrongDecorativePaint said...

Thank Ellen! I'll check that, I'm feeling a little lonely out here on my own!

Any other tips?


Gina said...

Hi Pat! Your is great - I admire your work even more.

Gina said...

Geeze, I meant to say your blog is

StrongDecorativePaint said...

thanks Gina!