Thursday, August 16, 2007

Learn a technique a day eh?

So much for learning a new web technique every day... sometimes real life seems to get in the way. I'm working this week with one of my favorite products, Shimmerstone, by Modern Masters. It's an acrylic fortified plaster with a pearly shimmer, which I intensify by coloring with Modern Masters' Metallic paint. Today I am making walls shimmer with a rich gold. It is such a joy to work with!

To the right you will see a blushed Shimmerstone, Lusterstone (Faux Effects) and troweled paint project on a barrel vault ceiling. Even though the ceiling is dramatic, the effect has a natural 'sunset' feel in the room. It is lively, but not oppressive... so I think its a great example of how a color on the ceiling does NOT weigh the room down. Careful choice and execution make a difference, of course, but color is powerful way to alter one's perception of the space. In this case, murky green light from the shadowy back yard, dimmed this room and cast a greenish pall on all my clients furnishings.. and... on them. Using a strong approximate compliment (orange is the nearly opposite green on the color wheel) corrects this light imbalance and subtly alters how the client feels in the room. What is even more interesting to me, is that while it is an intense color, it actually recedes in this application. The vault 'lifts' because of the strong flow of color and light. Every room is different. This is why I usually insist on choosing colors for clients in the space where it will be used.

I've used Shimmerstone in several different projects... here, on the right, I've combined several different red tones into one rich kitchen wall. Shimmerstone is washable and very smooth to the touch.

On the left, Shimmerstone and a creme glaze were combined to give the ceiling a coppery look. (I did the copper hood too... but that's another story.)

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