Thursday, August 9, 2007

Here I am once again,.. learning one darn thing at a time. SO Can I actually post a picture IN the frame of my blog rather than just the gallery at the bottom?

Lets see here... I'm moving them around MA! And I'm not sure how to wrap text, but that'll come later I guess! How cool is this, to sit in the super AC at Denny's, being fed nonstop coffee and whatever, and uploading to their server..... and learning how to do this... Ain't this a wonderful country! LOL

Not so elegant yet... but just wait... one little stupid darn thing at a time!


Kim said...

you're getting the hang of the blog, good start. more please :)

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

"one little stupid darn thing at a time!"

words to live by!

Give me a call, some evening, and I'll talk you through all the stuff I know about blogger formatting.

Pretty photos, there, Pat!

StrongDecorativePaint said...

Oh Yeah! Comments!

Thanks for the nice words on the photos! I've been editing out all but the most representative and cleaning them up in PS.... not to alter, of course, but to make them look like they actually do irl.