Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here I am

I've made a start. I'd love to hear from viewers how the pictures appear on other monitors. I started this blog in frustration... I've paid for three years on for webspace and have yet to figure out how to post the darn thing... and in response to the requests of my clients and of potential clients.... here it is. The beginning germ of an online portfolio.

I plan on doing this more elegantly later. But I would love some feedback on how it looks so far, and if anyone has any links, quick tips, or can kindly guide me to where I can practice putting a web page together without too much fuss... I' d love to hear about it.

And.... How do you like the work?



Carla said...

Hi Pat! Congrats. You're up and going. everything works for me. The photos look great. What camera are you using? The color is excellent.

StrongDecorativePaint said...

Thanks Carla, and thanks for stopping by.

I am using a 3mp digital HP for most of them, but have tried using my laptop to edit them and pumping the saturation higher than I would have on my desktop... on the laptop things look so dark, when on the desktop they look just fine.... so at the risk of over saturating them, I'm increasing contrast and saturation and brightness.

Dawn - "the painter" said...

Great start! Your pictures look very nice on my computer screen - nice color. You are a great artistan - I love your plaster finishes and I love your mural work. I would love to see more pictures!

I also have Godaddy and did my own website. What a pain in the neck, but if you can create a blog, you can definitely create a website. All you need is the software. My site is Once you go that route, I have LOTS of pointers and ways for you to get your site out there. Anyway, good luck!!