Friday, August 10, 2007

More, and more organized.

I hope some potential clients are reading, though I do hope to spiff this up a bit as I go on. If you're a friend reading this to give me feedback and tips, WONDERFUL! If you're a stranger or a potential client, Introduce yourself if you like, I'd love to meet you.

I'm open to any and all feedback.

I've been busily organizing and sizing my last 20 + years of photos of many jobs I've done and projects I've been a part of. Some, like this whole kitchen demo and remodel,in which I was arranged to have the basic appliances bought, recommended the design and colors, arranged for the cabinets to updated inside and out, designed and implemented a new back-splash of French Limestone and broken blue willow plates, had installed, new granite and Silestone counter surfaces, and last, but not least painted the walls and painted the lower cabinets in a distressed green and the uppers copper leaf... antiqued....Whew... I'm tired again, just remembering it!

I have to say, these are wonderful clients who have new projects all the time. The picture I loaded yesterday, of Black Granite Mosaic CoffeeTable... We designed this to fit on an artisan made Mesquite base and trucked this bad boy up to their Winter home in Colorado.

I'd say they liked Traditional style with modern influences. I painted a tone on tone Victorian stripe in their guest bedroom, and most recently, transformed a room covered in 25 year old hunter green and white wallpaper into an updated, masculine western retreat by applying a handplastered Shimmerstone tones of gold and apricot, a perfect foil for deep oak moldings
and woodwork. Paint is a powerful thing!

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Tom said...

looks great to me.keep that coffee coming...