Monday, September 17, 2007

Two Classes in One Month!

When will I ever get time to do all the rest of the work!

Well, the little tv tray replica is done... pics to follow, but I had a wonderful Glazes 1 class this last week! Teaching reminds me of how exciting learning those new finishes are. From left to right are Walter's son, and wife Olga, Walter, Armando and Kim

Good WORK, ALL of you!

We had a small turn out, but Walter, who drove from Houston, brought his son and lovely wife Olga to help translate and remember it all. His English was excellent, but this is quite a technical class, so it was great to have his son there to really make sure every bit of information got translated. We enjoyed having him.

Our other students, Armando and Kim also had a great time. Armando is a natural. I'll be seeing Kim this coming week in the Cabinets class. Armando works locally with a well respected painting company, but he's the ONE, out of sixty other painters who showed and interest in learning this fiddly, fascinating business.

They'll all three do well. I could see that 'spark' in each one of them.

Here is a picture of Armando's stencil board: I think it was his favorite one, though I must say I liked his 'Blush' board very much as well. He wanted me to post it here for y'all to see.

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