Friday, May 16, 2014

WEST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR The last, best weekend

Tomorrow and Sunday are the last chances you have to see my work in person for a while.  I will have a Square Market space online to continue selling so if you see something here, please do stop by there to see what is available.  I'm pretty sure its live tonight, but if not, by tomorrow.

Its really nice to meet people who love the play of color and light and materials like I do.... great times...  Links below to the Catalog at BIG Medium who herds all these very artistic cats. 

The cool thing is I have TWO NEW paintings just for this weekend... I don't know how I pulled it off, but getting a stash of Mica and creating chunky glitter with it for my new painting was delighful!

 " Cave Pool, Black and Gold" 
Which is at the top of this picture. 
I rehung the gallery wall to showcase the newer work.  I hope y'all like it.

Tomorrow and Sunday from 11-6 are your last two chances to see my work for a while.


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