Friday, May 9, 2014

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Yes Folks, Its upon us.  A few months of hard work and I can safely get people to my Studio.  If you are in the neighborhood, I'm #31 on the Tour Map, which is available here:

The good thing?  Its DONE!  Now it will be easy to get clients, fellow artists and friends into the studio.

I'll be hosting my part of the West Austin Studio Tour Saturday and Sunday from 11-6 and the same next weekend.  

"She Made Me Do It!" 2013  
 Gilded carved foam and acrylic resin with glass gems on wooden panel

My good friend ROBERT SAN ROMAN will be showing his beautiful gemstone hand crafted lamps, stunning hand made cards and the paper flowers he learned to make from his Mom in San Antonio.  No he's not on the map, but he's in our hearts, and will be on the studio porch showing his beautiful wares.  He started his blog and you can see his work here:

His cards feature stunning photographs of male models, actors, and athletes from the Austin area.  He creates a haunting, romantic and lyrical atmosphere with his photography that elevates the note card to an artistic status not usually seen.  Check out the Blue Angel.... its quite beautiful. 

If you read up on Robert's blog he describes his creative process which evokes memories of a childhood in Central Texas and his fascination with the healing powers of gems.  

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