Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yep it's changing!

I have decided to migrate most of my work to more of a fine art format.  Decorative painting and painting on canvas has a lot in common.  Like... Duh....

I'm cranking away, music blasting in my pretty studio, with just about every material known to man at my fingertips.

The show was a moderate success!   A third of my inventory was sold!   Yeah!
I have to say, I could not have gotten it together without the help of my longtime friends and one of my first collectors Sadie and Joe Silva-Lupercio.   They turned their house into the most elegant gallery,  selected and served food and wine and kept me circulating so I got to meet everyone.

I also have to thank my publicist for her tireless help getting the word out...thanks Sara!  

I'm tired but very happy.  Pics to follow!

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